Heather Fell won a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing in the Individual Modern Pentathlon. She is a former Junior World Champion and a former World Number One. Heather’s inspiring story is one of triumph in adversity and sheer perseverance. She is an accomplished and engaging speaker with a natural stage presence. The tale of her path to Olympic success is full of amusing anecdotes and unexpected turns. Audiences will instantly warm to this confident and amiable young sportswoman.

What the audience can expect

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Since retiring from Modern Pentathlon, Heather has chosen to pursue a career in broadcasting and journalism working with a variety of outlets including the BBC, Sky and various newspapers. Naturally driven, she continues to push herself physically and has recently taken up cycling opting to complete a ride from Lands End to John O’Groats for charity. Heather is a serving member of the British Olympic Association Athlete’s Committee, works as an athlete mentor for a variety of charities and is a passionate champion/spokeswoman for female sport.

Audiences can expect the following topics in a highly versatile presentation which is suitable for any number of events:

-       insight into Heather’s background and journey to Olympic success

-       numerous amusing, and often self deprecating, anecdotes about life as a professional athlete

-       performance under pressure and coping with adversity

-       self motivation and drive

-       what it takes to succeed

Presentation approach

Audiences will instantly warm to Heather’s witty, accessible and refreshingly honest style of presenting. Her passion for sport is infectious and the story of her long journey to Olympic success reflects both the highs and lows of competition as an elite athlete in one of the hardest multi discipline sports. Heather is a talented and experienced public speaker whose presentations are delivered with both confidence and humility. Even amongst elite athletes, her story is a remarkable one of triumph in adversity and sheer determination to which everyone can relate. Clients are guaranteed to enjoy an audience with this charming, intelligent and very approachable young woman.

Public Speaking Enquiries

Please use the form on the contact page if you would like to discuss booking Heather for a public speaking engagement. Heather has worked extensively in this capacity as a motivational speaker, after dinner speaker and compere.